Rules & Regulations

  1. Teaching is a noble profession and we expect all students to uphold the dignity of the profession.
  2. B. Ed. is an exhaustive full time course that calls for regularity, Punctuality, discipline & devotion. Therefore, Excuses for abstain ing from classes and assignments are not entertained at all.
  3. Students whose attendance fall below 80% will not be allowed to sit for the final examination and no appeal in this regard will be accepted. The students are therefore advised to settle their personal inconveniences before joining the course.
  4. The course covers both theoretical & practical aspects of teaching. The curriculum is devised by a team of experts from NCTE, N.U. and UGC with a view to develop mastery in the art of teaching. Hence the Govt. & University have directed that all in-service teachers must free themselves from their teaching assignments to concentrate fully in completing the course.
  5. All in-service teachers (both Govt. & Private) are required to submit deputation letters from the concerned authorities to obviate future inconveniences.
  6. All Students are required to participate in practice teaching comprising of 16 micro lesson and 40 macro lessons. Inability to complete these the student will be debarred from continuing with the course, and no appeal or excuses will be accepted.
  7. Work Experience, Community Service, project work, Co-curricular Activities and Independent Library work are an integral part of education and are therefore incorporated in the B.Ed. course. Participation in these activities is therefore compulsory for all B.Ed. students for which attendance will be maintained.
  8. Students must feel free to approach their teachers to clarify their doubts in regard to academic matters. However it is expected that student will maintain proper decorum in student- teacher relationship.
  9. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and chewing of pan in and around the campus is discouraged.
  10. Dress is a reflection of one’s personality and status hence all students are directed to maintain a proper dress code in keeping with the dignity of the profession.